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2011 Colour Scheme for Home Decor

2011 Colour Scheme for Home Décor

Colours splashes always bring a new look to your home decor and give the impression of being up-to-date with vogue.

Painting your home with beautiful colours is an easy way of giving your home decor a fresh look. With the start of New Year we always try to give new look to our accessories because it gives us a feeling of go with the flow. Choosing new colour scheme for your home decor is not an easy task and need some caution with good aesthetic sense.

While selecting a colour scheme for your home at the start of New Year, you must consider the colour scheme, which will create comfortable and relaxing environment in your home. While talking about colour schemes for home decor, gray and brown will be new paint trends in 2011. These colours can be used in different shades and tones to create a stylish effect. Gray always gives a decent look and can be used in combination with dark chocolate brown to make your home decor more stylish. These colour trends will not only be use for paints only, but will be used in furniture and other accessories as well. You can also use subtle color tones and soft shades in combination to create a soft and soothing environment in your home decor.

Colour is the most important element in your home decor that can bring a novelty and create a comfortable and relaxing decoration as well. Colour trends for home decor changes every year with slight variation and sometimes you can also go for your own liking while selecting a colour. But we should keep in mind that it’s not just a neutral thing, they have certain effect on our behavior and mood. Colours from natural environment can be added in home décor accessories to have a soothing consequence on your mind and mood.

Balancing is the most important factor in home decor that can be done easily by using different accessories in matching combinations. Sometimes you have to decide colour scheme for home decor according to its size and shape because by different combinations we can get our desired effect and easily give a vast appearance to a small home.

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