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Kid’s Room Decor

kids room decor

kids room decorThe key to kid’s room decor is its novelty and beauty. So buckle up all you Moms and Dads to prepare the most wonderful gift that you can ever give to your children.

What you need to keep in mind is that it is not just any room decor, but you are deciding how you want to shape your kid by providing him/her the most comfortable and loving environment. Remember, an optimally kids room decor is going to be major step in your child’s upbringing.


The first and foremost task you need to do is start planning. The key to reaching to your desired goal in room decor is to start working backwards. This means that first you need to have a clear picture of how you want your kid’s room decor. After that you plan the position of various accessories to be placed in the room. Then, you figure out the requirements and are in the perfect position to start the actual physical work.

Take measurements

What you can do for a room decor is to start by taking measurements of your kid’s room so that you become thorough with the requirements. Commence with the basic structure for room decor i.e. the walls, windows, the floor and door. Then plan what you are going to use to give a symmetric look and best utilise the space available for room decor.

Select a theme

Select a theme that you want to use for your kid’s room decor. Choose it either yourself, if it is a surprise, or ask for any preferences of your child. For a girl’s room decor, you could use a fancy pink and purple theme with either princess or butterflies or if for a boy, a rough n tough blue with a fresh white look with airplanes or super heroes. Posters could be a good addition in room decor. But for the painting bit in the room decor, keep in mind that at least two perpendicular walls should not have similar pattern for room decor, rather use one with stripes of dark and light shades of the selected colours or even sponge painting technique.

Select furniture

Once you are done with the basics of room decor, move on the furniture, curtains, rugs and specially storage containers. Since, we know that kids are sure to make mess so, while planning space for your kid’s room decor, you can make use of storage containers and toy boxes which may be slide-through under the bed. Other matching accessories like lamps with cartons characters on them or even standing lamps would be innovative for kid’s room decor. Finally, cherished family photos and Barbie clocks will do the finishing to a perfect room decor for your kids.

Consider nominal budget

Another important note on kid’s room decor is that it is not necessary that you purchase lavish bed sets and expensive wall hangings, but what is important is how you well you are able to spell out your thoughts and achieve a cordial and ideal room decor in a nominal budget.

So, are all you Moms and Dads ready to give your kids the best milieu of their lives?

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