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Growing and Gardening Potatoes

Growing and Gardening Potatoes

Growing and Gardening PotatoesYou can easily grow potatoes without much hassle in your kitchen garden or even inside a small container. The article will guide you in growing potatoes as potatoes are a favorite of almost everyone and there is nothing better than growing potatoes at your very own place.

Now who does not like potatoes? Potatoes are indeed one of the most favorite vegetables around the globe and it is that one vegetable that even children feel hard to say no to! Some of you want to know how to grow potatoes at your place so that you can have the unlimited supply of this yummy vegetable and experiment with the new recipes right? Here are all the simple and hassle free tips for you that will help you in planting the best potatoes that will not only be good in taste, but will be very easy to harvest too.

For growing potatoes, select the perfect patch of ground for your potatoes in the kitchen garden. This does not mean that you cannot grow potatoes in anything else. Potatoes can most definitely be grown in places like small containers and wired racks and little patches of ground too. Growing potatoes at your very own place is not at all tricky as it is with some other vegetables and crops. Potatoes do not need a particular climate for their growth, but March is perfect for the better growth of this crop.

Before growing potatoes, you need to choose the most favorite and best variety of potatoes. Potatoes offer over 400 varieties and you can select from them. Mostly, only a hundred types of potatoes are seen in the markets worldwide. The potatoes in most of the areas are not liked sweet as a potato should not be like a sweet potato. For that, you need to ask a local grower of your town who will help you select the best seeds for growing potatoes. The trickiest part about growing potatoes is selecting the right kind of seeds. Some varieties of potatoes do not grow well in certain areas while some are perfect for other areas.

Potatoes need the right amount of sunlight but direct and too much sunlight affects the growth of the potatoes and potatoes in such a condition will either not taste well or give some other problem later on. Keep potatoes away from frost as frosting is the worst enemy when it comes to better growth of potatoes. If unexpected frosting begins, cover the potatoes immediately and protect them from the frost.  Potatoes if planted in March get ready for harvest in June or even September.  So get started with the growing of potatoes in your kitchen garden and enjoy feasts later on with this yummy vegetable.

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