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Cottage Style Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Cottage Bedroom

Psychology reveals that one should keep changing his bedroom settings. It is healthy to do so. Since people like to keep their bedrooms designed in a manner that suits them and helps them, unwind easily. Nothing makes one feel cozier and comfortable than a cottage style bedroom.

Many wonder what cottage style bedroom is. Well to conclude that let me tell you it is the kind of setup that is meant to be lived in, enjoyed and is the collection of all cast offs from main house. The cottage style is notorious for its charm, warmth, romantic look and grace it brings to home. As opposed to the contemporary style decorations, try one of these cottage style bedroom-decorating ideas.

1. Holdonto the natural elements

One of the most alluring aspects of cottage style living is to make use of usual chip off walls, salvaged pine boards and enhance the original architectural beauty. These little pieces of imperfections create the perfect background to the furniture that you have.

2. White

The perfect color palette for cottage style living makes use of shades of grey mixed with white. Apply this on alls and ceilings. This also adds volume to the room and imparts freshness.

3. Sandling Block

Add some character and style to any sanding block. Make its edges rough to impart an old classic look. The main element to cottage style room is using aged, distressed furniture. This will automatically add the cottage look.

4. Not cozy not cottage

Keep this rule in mind while decorating your room. Comfort and serenity should radiate in your room. Throw a nice soft slipcover on your sofa, color should preferably be white. Materials that you can use are linen, pulp and wool. Top it up with loads of cushions.

5. Flowers

Do not ignore the flowers when styling your room the cottage way. You can never enter a cottage without the smell of fresh flowers. Therefore, make sure you put flowers in any old vintage kind of vase. If not that then just in a jug, a few fresh flowers will do the job.

6. Paint the floor

Paint in hues of grey your wooden floor. This will marvelously contrast with the pinewood headboards and ceilings. Do not hesitate in painting floor with any muted shades of grey.

7. Make sure that the space defines you

Since a bedroom is a very personal space. Therefore, make sure you put your belongings where you normally keep them. A study table with laptop will still have the laptop regardless the cottage style.

8. Lightening emphasis

A cottage style bedroom needs to have a dim nice lightening. Make sure you install a good amount of candles for the nice lit up ambiance.

9. When in need of color

If the white on white typical cottage style bedroom grows n you. Worries not add a slight hue of color with maybe a piece of furniture like a green chair.

10. Mix patterns

Your crisp white walls demand colors on bedsheets. Add layers on your bed of blankets, sheets and top it up with nice comfortable colored cushions. Try using nice floral patterned sheets that will add to the comfortable look.

11. Treasure your old objects

The essence of decorating your room the cottage style, you need to bring back all the ancient furniture. A rustic headboard, an eye-catching find on the mantel or any shutters. Use them uniquely in your room.

These ideas to decorate your room in the cottage style help you do so. The basic principle is to go all-simple and make use of the basic old stuff. In case you do not have ancient furniture pieces then just revamp your present stuff the cottage way. All you have to do is mix a few shades of pastels, pretty floral and vintage accessories.

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