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The Eternal Charm for Thanksgiving Day celebrations 2012

Thanksgiving Celebrations 2012

Thanksgiving Celebrations with Family

In every religion and society of the world, celebrations like Thanksgiving Day are common and very much in practice. Thanksgiving Day history is associated with the American history and people there are used to get excited about the thanks giving celebration. On such a joyous occasion, people have been observed happy and enjoying in their own ways.


Thanksgiving Day is an interesting chapter to study in order to understand its full essence. Thanksgiving Day has its roots in English tradition dating back to Protestant Reformation. It may also be linked to harvesting season as a harvest festival. There are number of changes in the similar occasion in the history of England. Thanksgiving Day has always been an important day in the history of the American people. Its history can be traced in America dated back when it was a colony of the Britain. Thanksgiving Day celebration is basically in the memory of Plymouth Plantation. It has also made the point very clear that the origin of the happiness is economic in nature. Thanksgiving Day celebration was used to celebrate when the successful harvest of the growing season took place.

Latest Trends:

The modern way of Thanksgiving Day celebration can be rooted back to the independence of America from the British rule. On September 24, 1789 drafting of new constitution of the American state had been proclaimed by the President Washington. This is one of the reasons of Thanksgiving Day celebration took place in the month of November in America. Basically, the Thanksgiving Day is the occasion of enjoying the happiness which has been believed as a blessing of God Almighty.

How people enjoy “Thanksgiving Day celebration”:

The momentous Thanksgiving Day is still living a new and fresh life by the attention of the young folk of 21st century who takes Thanksgiving Day as a serious and important part of their life. Thanksgiving Day usually involves the get together of friends and family for a great meal. It is an historical event so the meal of the day includes special and traditional dishes as well. Thanksgiving Day celebration has common meal; stuffing, potatoes, Cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie and vegetables. Thanksgiving Day celebration is to paying thanks to God for whatever the people have.

Public Life:

Offices and schools must remain close so that people can enjoy their maximum essence of Thanksgiving Day celebration. Most of the offices and departments give off to their staff so that they can also share their happiness and can play their important part to keep revive the Thanksgiving Day in its real essence.

Thanksgiving Day celebration is something that gives them unity on the day when the nation’s entire member feels themselves as an important part of their history. Thanksgiving Day history is really something which deserves to be celebrated on the annual basis as a national holiday.

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