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3 Smart Tips for Growing Healthy Succulents

Healthy Succulents

Every time I look at something, I imagine sticking a flower or herb in it. I need to recognize that mini succulents gardens are my favorite and I have them all over my house and yard. I love these lovable plants, because they can be planted in almost anything you want, from glasses and mugs to cans and stumps. Plus, they are very easy for maintaining. If you love succulents, you should not skip this post that is called “3 Smart Tips for Growing Healthy Succulents in Your Yard” . I’m 100% sure that these tips and tricks will make you create a beautiful mini garden in your yard immediately.

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Growing Healthy Succulents


If you were wondering what kind of soil you should use for your succulents, then I need to say that they love well draining soil. In the summer days, I have found that the soil drys quickly and if you notice the same, you can mix the mix the cactus soil with regular soil. If you decide to use baby food jars, mason jars or tea cups that don’t have drainage holes, you should layer the bottom of the pot with pebbles to help with drainage issues.

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When and how much should you water your succulent garden? This is the most asked question by the succulent lovers and I need to say that there is a misconception that they don’t need much water. The truth is that they can live long time without water, but they can’t thrive in a drought-like situation. If you don’t water them regularly, they may won’t die, but they either won’t grow. If you water them frequently, your succulents will flourish and will look marvelous. You should water them once a week during the sunny months and a little less when the days are cold. When you water them you should water the soil not the succulent. Some people are killing their beautiful plants by over watering and if you don’t want to kill your plants, make sure the soil is dry before you water them.

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Do they need mush sunlight? They do best in indirect sunlight. But, you should also know that different types of succulents can tolerate different amounts of light. Succulents can suffer during the hot months, when are placed on direct sunlight. To avoid scorching and burning your astonishing plants, place them where they will receive adequate light. Often they are placed where they get a lot of shade and are protected from the sun. If you have different species, you should experiment and see what works the best for each one.

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