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Heartbreak as teenager, 19, dies in ‘freak accident’ after going to bed with a headache

A teenager who was hoping to become a police officer, went to bed with a slight headache and never woke up.

Fresh out of college, 19-year-old gaming enthusiast Daniel Morgan from Birmingham had recently gained his security licence and had applied to join the police.

But he went to bed on Thursday, January 28 and his family’s life was turned upside down,writes Birmingham Live.

The teenager had complained of a headache that night, but this was not something unusual as he had suffered from migraines throughout his life, his family said.

However, even at the time Daniel’s girlfriend Evie Bradburn feared it was something more serious.

Recalling the night, Daniel’s cousin Alexandra Webb said: “He insisted he was okay but Evie still went to wake Lisa, his mom.

“By the time she had got his mom, he was unconscious. They got him into the recovery position and called for an ambulance.

“He was responding to the treatment from the paramedics but they had to work on him all the way to Russells Hall Hospital.

“Daniel went for an MRI scan and was prepped to be taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. But then they told us they weren’t going to take him and were going to keep him there.

“They told us there was nothing they could do.”

“He was moved into the intensive care unit and was put on life support,” Alexandra, 25, added. “He had suffered a bleed on the brain.

“This was all within an hour-and a half of it happening and the medics did work really fast. We were calling every few hours for updates. He was being monitored to see if there was any response from him.

“The consultant called us at 8pm on Friday (January 29) and said he believed that there was no brain activity.”

Daniel was eventually pronounced dead at 12:30pm that day.

Following Daniel’s death, which doctors described as a ‘freak incident’, the much-loved teen went on to do something amazing.

Alexandra explained: “He was on the organ donor list. On Sunday a team came to take Daniel’s organs. He went into theatre twice for the donations. He would have wanted this. He wanted to help people.

“He was everyone’s favourite person. He was so calm and gentle. He lived life to the full and he really, really loved Evie.

“We would like to thank Paul, Georgina and the Intensive Care Unit at Russells Hall Hospital who cared for Daniel and his family through the whole ordeal.

“They supported all of us individually and as a family . We have nothing but gratitude and adoration for them and the jobs they do.”

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