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BREAKING: Biden Will Use Obscene Amount Of Taxpayer Dollars To House Migrants In Hotels

Biden Use Obscene Amount Of Taxpayer

With the humanitarian crisis at the southern border worsening to the point that the media can no longer ignore it, the Biden regime finds itself in an awkward position as pressure mounts to do something.

There was no avoiding the border swarming after Joe and the Democrats based their campaigns on reversing the no-nonsense immigration policies of former President Donald J. Trump. They made it very clear that they would be rolling out the welcome mat for the largely unskilled poor people that their own countries were likely glad to be rid of.

Faced with the delicate balancing act of dealing with the warehousing of migrants in conditions of squalor and upsetting their activist base, Biden and the ideologues who set the policies of his administration have come up with a solution.

According to an Axios report that broke on Saturday, Biden will throw money at the problem through an obscene $86 million contract with hotels near the border to provide food and lodging to a reported 1,200 migrant family members which will do little to address the catastrophe but makes for really good public relations.

According to Axios; “The contract through Endeavors, a Texas-based nonprofit, is for six months but could be extended and expanded. The hotels will be near border areas, including in Arizona and Texas.”

The report points out that while such lodging has been used in the past for similar purposes but that “Hotel rooms are likely a safer option than border patrol stations, but do not have to follow the same safety protocols that official governmers of more narrative engineering from Democrats so they can direct their media allies to report on how well that the administration is treating the migrants while the tens of thousands who aren’t fortunate enough to win the hotel lottery will still be crammed into tents where children aren’t allowed to bathe regularly.

It is also an insult to those American citizens who have been devastated by Democrat lockdowns and other restrictions and don’t enjoy housing that would be comparable with the hotels that are being provided to the illegal immigrants.

Unable – and possibly unwilling – to solve a problem of their own making, the Biden regime is once again resorting to gaslighting the public. In addition to the $86 million for the hotel rooms, Biden has imposed a “gag order” on Border Patrol personnel to prevent them from telling the truth to the media.

Meanwhile, Biden has reportedly reached out to the government of Mexico to urge the country to do more to prevent the surge of migrants before they reach the U.S. border; the newly installed POTUS has also personally appealed to the migrants to stay home.

With the news of the hotels buying Biden some time, efforts are currently underway to relocate thousands of the migrants further into the United States. This includes plans to fly them to states along the Canadian border, a nifty bit of trickery that will bolster Democrat voting rolls in several red states.The ultimate result will be that nothing will stop the migrants who understand that the borders are now open and free healthcare and other giveaways await them in the land of plenty.

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