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Gamer ‘confesses’ to killing female rival, 19, and ‘sharing video of body in WhatsApp’

This is the haunting moment a gamer admitted to murdering a woman in his flat after sharing gruesome footage of her dead body in WhatsApp groups.

Guilherme Alves Costa, 18, has been accused of stabbing to death Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, 19, after the pair supposedly met playing video games online.

Moments after the horrifying crime, Costa allegedly filmed his victim’s bloodied body in his flat as he laughed.

He then seemed to confess in a chilling video, saying: “You’re thinking it’s fake [the body video] or that it’s edited or something, but it’s not.

“I really killed her, got it? I’ve got a book, too.

“I asked some people to share it. I hope you read it. It contains some truths.”

Police found the bloodied woman lying unconscious on the floor of Costa’s home in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo on February 22.

The suspect fled the scene but was later arrested and, when asked why he committed the crime, replied: “I wanted to.”

He told officers he had been planning the crime for two weeks after the victim “crossed his path”.

Costa also said he wrote a 52-page book, referenced in the above video, to explain his motive.

Ms Silva played Call of Duty: Mobile professionally for the team FBI E-Sports. It is believed she met Costa, who played for rival team Gamers Elite, roughly a month before the crime online.

The police obtained a copy of the document, which they are looking into as part of the investigation.

Guilherme’s family is in shock and has said he had always been a good boy. His distraught mother told local media that Ingrid had visited the house once before and that the two seemed like normal friends.

A Gamers Elite spokesperson told local media that the team’s leadership had never met the suspect and that members of the team are shocked by Guilherme’s actions.

The investigation continues.

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