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Red wine and cheese may help reduce cognitive decline

In a recent study at Iowa State University, researchers found that including more wine and cheese in a daily diet may help reduce cognitive decline.

They found the foods people eat may have a direct impact on their cognitive acuity in their later years.

The study is published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. One author is Auriel Willette.

In the study, the team analyzed data collected from 1,787 aging adults (from 46 to 77 years of age, at the completion of the study) in the United Kingdom through the UK Biobank.

Participants completed an intelligence test and answered questions about their food and alcohol consumption.

The team found that cheese is the most protective food against age-related cognitive problems, even late into life.

The daily consumption of alcohol, particularly red wine, was related to improvements in cognitive function.

Weekly consumption of lamb, but not other red meats, was shown to improve long-term cognitive prowess.

Excessive consumption of salt is bad, but only people already at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease may need to watch their intake to avoid cognitive problems over time.

These findings suggest that responsibly eating cheese and drinking red wine daily are not just good for helping us cope with the current COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps also dealing with an increasingly complex world that never seems to slow down.

The team says depending on the genetic factors people carry, some people seem to be more protected from the effects of Alzheimer’s, while others seem to be at greater risk.

That said, they believe the right food choices can prevent the disease and cognitive decline altogether.

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