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The Disgusting Reason One Customer Just Brought a Lawsuit Against McDonald’s

You probably (definitely!) don’t want to read this if you’re eating.

According to the new report suggests that even in a time when a safe food approach is under the microscope more than ever, it sounds like gross back-of-house behavior is still happening in some restaurant kitchens fast-food giants like McDonald’s have found themselves among the establishments least hit by the pandemic.

Having said that truly unhealthy reason one New Jersey family has filed a serious prosecution against their local McDonald’s. According to the  NJ.com report Thursday in Millville, New Jersey that a woman has filed a lawsuit against a McDonald’s restaurant.

On January 13 she claims that she and her young daughter ordered at McDonald’s and took their meal home to explore. According to the report woman’s daughter instantly felt vomiting. When the mom phoned that McDonald’s location, the woman got no answer.

At that point, she contacted the local police, who found enough reason for the responding officer to pursue the matter. The woman’s suit states that she and her daughter sought medical attention after the event.

As a result of the occurrence, she is reportedly seeking damages against the franchise location owner and 10 employees for “physical and psychological damages to include emotional distress, loss of appetite, heightened anxiety and stomach pain.”

But the main thing is the owner of that McDonald’s location disclaims any wrongdoing and has been quoted as having commented: “Serving safe, high-quality food is always our top priority. We’ve taken appropriate steps to investigate this and have been unable to substantiate this claim.”

That’s not a lie by saying that Fast food may be an easy go-to when life gets busy but this kind of makes you want to eat at home this week, doesn’t it?

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