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People Are As of now Contaminating Our Seas with Covid-19 Face Masks

Sources claimed that used coronavirus PPE equipment by individuals has already started to contaminate oceans and marine life has impacted adversely and destroyed.

Human beings have been dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak for a long time, and now authorities are claiming that our personal protective equipment (PPE) is poisoning our waters.

Sources have confirmed personal protective equipment is rinsing up on coral reefs near Manila, the Philippines’ capital. According to the Asian Development Bank, since the start of the COVID-19 widespread, the city has produced an additional 280 tonnes of biological waste every day.

Environmental organizations are sending alerts about the plastic used within face masks and utilized around the world to avoid the spread of COVID-19, according to the BBC. This plastic is degraded and swallowed by marine organisms, which in some cases will result in death.

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