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FBI Steps in to Investigate Former Michigan Football OC Matt Weiss

Matt Weiss

The landscape of Michigan football is currently tumultuous, with new twists in the alleged sign-stealing situation. The NCAA’s ongoing probe has now been joined by the FBI, further intensifying the scenario.

The focus of the FBI’s inquiry is primarily on the former offensive coordinator, Matt Weiss, as reported by Austin Meek and Nicole Auerbach from The Athletic. It should be noted that the FBI’s interest in Weiss is separate from the Wolverines’ ongoing sign-stealing concerns.

Melissa Overton, UMPD’s deputy chief of police, stated, “The University of Michigan Police Department has collaborated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to probe into the unauthorized computer access incident linked to Matt Weiss. This investigation holds paramount importance and is currently extensive and continuing. Further details will be shared as they emerge.”

Earlier in January 2023, Weiss was relieved of his duties with the Michigan football team following allegations of unauthorized access to university email accounts.

Troubles seem to be piling up for the Michigan football program. Alongside this, allegations of recruiting malpractices from 2020 have added to the woes.

Even with the clouds of controversy hovering, the Wolverines, led by Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, who faced a three-game suspension at the season’s onset, have been unbeatable. The team’s undefeated streak and dominant presence in national rankings have been commendable amidst the ongoing chaos.

With the FBI and NCAA delving deeper into the issues, more clarity is expected in the upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, Michigan remains committed to concentrating on their game on the field.

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