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How to Make Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake Toppers

These cupcake toppers covers that are scary would be the ideal goodies to simply help enable you to get within the Halloween nature. With just a couple easy methods, you are able to change licorice into spiderwebs, avocado monster fur and gumballs into eyeballs. (And anything is delicious!) It is the ideal method to enhance your preferred homemade cookies or put in a contact that is distinctive to last second store bought candies.Halloween Cupcake

Cupcake Things Cupcake Toppers ThingsSpiderwebsSpiderwebs

Cut a piece of licorice and make a small circle in the center of your frosted cupcake. Make a larger circle around the initial one. Measure and cut tiny pieces of licorice to fit between two circles. Place these pieces evenly around cupcake to form a web.


Place the shredded coconut in a small bowl with a few drops of green food dye. Rub the coconut between your fingers to distribute the dye evenly. Place the coconut onto a frosted cupcake and top with several eyeball sprinkles.

EyeballsEyeballs Cupcake

Using a black edible marker, draw a pupil in the center of a white gumball. Let dry. Using the red edible marker, draw small veins around the pupil. Place three eyeballs together on top of the cupcake.

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