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7 Fabulous DIY Shoes Makeover Hacks

Fabulous DIY Shoes

Every girl is in love with her shoes and like good pair of shoes, no matter is they all about sneakers, strappy pair of sandals, ballet flats or high heels and always looking for a desired color or design. All of us are having full closet of shoes, but always something is missing. In some situations we simply need one of kind shoes that will be unique and can meet our requirements.  So then it is perfect time to give your old shoes new look. Using minimal decoration and colors, from the old sneakers you can become brilliant and interesting enhancing shoes that look like just bought as new. Giving old shoes new life is very funny and excellent way to get for free your favorite brand new pair of shoes.DIY Shoes Makeover Hacks

Get inspired and with little imagination and craft methods overturn your favorite ballet shoes attractive and useful again.  Easy and satisfying techniques and wonderful and fashionable ideas are available for doing renovation on your old shoes and start wearing them again.  You can make it applying glitter, or fabrics, or use paint to make desired colorful design or simply put some dotes on the one colored ballets and turn into modern and unique.  Be yourself and experiment with your old shoes!

1: DIY Shoe Clips

 Shoe Clips

2: DIY – Chain Ankle StrapChain Ankle Strap

3: Shoe DIY – Koosh Ball FlatsKoosh Ball Flats

4: DIY – Smoking SlippersDIY Smoking Slippers

5: DIY – Striped Gem ShoesWomen Striped Gem Shoes

6: Studded FlatsStudded Flats

7: Shoe DIYShoe DIY

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