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Dad forgot his family and how to talk after losing part of skull in Christmas Eve attack

Liverpool native 40 years old Ian Grimes has just shared his suffering. He was just victimized by the unknown man that lost part of his skull and forgot his family is determined to enjoy this year’s celebrations. He is lucky to be alive after suffering brain damage and needing a life-saving operation.

Medics at a specialist neurology hospital, the Walton Centre, in Liverpool, removed pieces of his skull to ease pressure on his brain as it swelled. When he woke from a coma, he did not remember Bethan, their daughter Penny, five, or sons Casper, three, and Rufus, two.

He added: “I’m lucky to even be able to reflect on what happened at all. Christmas may never be the same, it will always have haunting memories. But it’s a reminder I am a survivor.”

He also added, wonderful people had rallied to help him: “Christmas is about remembering the positives of the year, being with the people you love and appreciating all you have. For me it’s such a lot.”

He faces many medical appointments in the new year but until then the family, from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, are taking a break to enjoy Christmas.

They have been supported by the Brain Charity, based in Liverpool, which helps people with brain injuries and neurological conditions receive legal advice and financial support.

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