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Soap Making Craft

Soap Making Crafts

Soap Making RecipesThere are so many easy ways for soap crafting. Even children can try at home and have fun with soap making craft.


  • Glycerin soap, clear or white (This only works with glycerin soap – do not substitute.)
  • Soap dye in colors or your choice
  • Soap or candy molds
  • Microwave safe liquid measuring cup
  • Spoon
  • Popsicle stick or coffee stirrer
  • Knife (adults only)

Instruction to make:

  • If using bars of soap, cut into three pieces. If using purchased glycerin blocks, cut off 2-3 pre-measured chunks
  • Put glycerin soap into a measuring cup, microwave according to package directions (or 20 seconds), then in 10-second intervals until melted
  • If you want colors, this is the time to add the dye. Add a few drops and stir with a spoon. If you want the color darker, simply add more dye.
  • Slowly pour the liquid soap into the mold. Set aside to harden for 45 minutes to an hour. Some soap may harden sooner than others
  • Rinse out measuring cup and repeat process for other colors
  • After soap has cooled completely, pop them out of the molds. If you find this difficult, you can place the soap into the freezer for ten minutes and try again

Try this soap craft too, you’ll enjoy.

Cookie Cutter Soaps


  •  Scraps or bars of soap
  • Small metal cookie cutters
  • Small see-thru bags, netting, or tulle for wrapping


1. Slice a bar of soap into thin (1/8 to 1/4 inch) layers.

2. Position small metal cookie cutters and punch out designs.

3. Carefully push soap out and arrange on a pretty dish in the bathroom. You can take different colored soaps and make a pretty bag of them tied with a ribbon on top.

(Note: May want to wear kitchen gloves while punching out s – the metal cookie cutters are sharp)


  • Make your own colors by mixing the dyes, or create a tie dye effect by using two or more colors instead of just one.
  • For pastel shades, add only a couple drops of dye. For more bold colors, add more drops
  • The size, color, shape, and lathering ability of soap can be altered on a personal basis. You can improve any recipe to be better at washing away oils or germs.

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