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2 Fla. Children Killed by Mother in Murder-Suicide Were ‘Sweet’ And ‘Full of Love’, Friend Says


A tragic event unfolded in Waverly, Florida, where a mother reportedly killed her two children, aged 10 and 19, before taking her own life, according to authorities. Sheriff Grady Judd identified the mother as 43-year-old Brandy Hutchins. The heartbreaking incident occurred on Sunday morning, in the midst of what authorities describe as a custody dispute involving the younger child, Aiden Hutchins.

Hannah Griner, the 19-year-old daughter, and Aiden were identified through social media posts made by grieving friends and relatives. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office indicated that this tragedy escalated from a “domestic event” related to custody issues.

Earlier in the week, Hutchins’ ex-husband had traveled from Maine to Florida due to Brandy Hutchins’ failure to transfer custody of Aiden as previously ordered. When she did not comply with the judge’s orders by Friday, an exhaustive search ensued, using phone pings and leads from social media.

Law enforcement, acting on a tip on Sunday, found Brandy Hutchins and her two children inside a mobile home. Preliminary evidence suggests she may have ended her children’s lives before her own, though specifics about their injuries were not disclosed. Unexpectedly, there was no prior indication that Brandy Hutchins could become a threat.

The boy’s father, in a heartfelt Facebook post, mourned the loss of his son, stating he’d forever cherish his memory. Hannah Griner’s boyfriend’s sister described her as loving and full of life, while also mentioning Aiden’s fondness for video games and his impeccable manners.

Savannah McKinney, who identified herself as close to the family, shared that they were all together the night prior to the tragedy. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office further added that the official residence of the family differed from the location where the tragic event took place.

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