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Control Your Shopaholic Hormones and Save Money

control your shopaholic hormones and save money

control your shopaholic hormones and save moneyMoney is an important tool for our survival and we must concentrate on saving money otherwise conditions would be worse. We have to cut down our expenses and focus should be on how to save money. For your help and guidance, this article will discuss some important way through which you will be able to save money and live abundantly.

Differentiate between wants and needs:

You have to know the difference between need and want to save money. Needs are those items that are necessary to survive such as food, shelter, and clothing etc. Wants are derived as the value added features you desire depending upon your purchasing power. For example, car is a need for transportation but choosing a sports car would be a want. If you continue increasing your wants then it would be hard for you to save money.

Cut down your utility bills:

Major part of a household expenditure comprises of utility bills. That means there is clearly an opportunity to save money in this regard. You can save electricity, water, gas, and telecommunication costs up to 30% per month. Even if you manage cut down a small amount of money on each utility bill, you will end up saving money at large scale.

Try to lose weight:

Most of you will be thinking that how can we save money through weight reduction. Well if you reduce weight you will tend to spend less on junk food and you will be protected from several kinds of diseases. Eventually it will enable you to save money.  Saving money through weight reduction is a good opportunity.

Increase your earnings:

You can also increase the opportunities of saving money by increasing your sources of income. You must look for new jobs, promotions and bonuses etc. While keeping your expenditures the same and increasing your income, you can save money.

Try buying used item whenever possible:

People tend to be status conscious and they always buy brand new things. If you want to buy a car then you must look if you can find a slightly used model of that car because it will cost you less. It will help you save money as well.

Invest your earnings:

Keeping your cash idol is of no use. You must invest some amount of your money to get return on it. Basically it will increase your earnings and hence result in saving money.

Quit smoking:

People spent huge amount of money on smoking. They could save money on large scale if only they quit smoking. In addition to that the diseases they can get into from smoking will cost them a lot.

Stop comparing yourself with others: When you compare yourself with others, you develop an inferiority complex in your own. In that case you increase your spending by huge amount just to compete with others. For saving money it is important that you only look people that are below your income level.

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