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Kettlebell Workout for Beginners – Workout Routines

Let’s first describe a kettlebell. A kettlebell is a dense piece of iron that is moulded into the shape of a ball with an iron handle on top of it. Kettlebell workouts are used for weight loss, fat burn, muscles build-up, and strength gain.

Kettlebell workouts can give you the cardio benefits of a sportsman as well as the strength and power of a weightlifter. Kettlebell workouts are equally effective for both men and women. Though the techniques used in workout routines are different for both. Also, the weight range in kettlebell workouts is different for both men and women. We are focusing on women today.

The most important thing while doing kettlebell workouts is to watch your workout routines. There are several kettlebell workout plans and kettlebell workout routines that beginners can try but you need to be specific while choosing your kettlebell workout routine as you will be tempted to try the kettlebell workouts that appear to be simple but actually are not supposed to be for the false beginners. once you engage yourself properly with the kettlebell workouts and decide the daily pattern of your workout routine, you can gradually inculcate more and more workout routines.

Try to focus on the following tips if you are beginning at kettlebell workouts.

●      People usually consider kettlebell workouts as too plain and simple. Make sure that beginners must avoid complicated kettlebell workouts. The workout routine you are choosing should be the simple most, aiming at warm-up only.

●      Beginners must use low weight kettlebells for their kettlebell workouts to avoid injury. Even if you think that you can go on with more weight, add it on gradually in your workout routine.

●      The ideal range of weight for women is 8kg for kettlebell swing, 4kg for Turkish getup. Make sure that you use a light Turkish getup in your workout routine at the beginning stage of kettlebell workouts.

●      Be very careful in your kettlebell workout speed and techniques used in your workout routine. Don’t go for high speed, as you need plenty of recovery time in between your kettlebell workouts.

●      You need active recovery in between your kettlebell workouts. sitting idly isn’t recommended. It’s important to perform light intensity anaerobic activity like jogging, dynamic stretching,or whichever you prefer and have access to. They help to increase blood flow which delivers oxygen to muscle cells. No matter which workout routine you are following, active recovery is a must.

●      There are a few kettlebell workout routines especially meant for women who are beginners. Such as, deadlift, Box Squat, and Snatch Pull. The deadlift is a workout routine that works on abdominal muscles and legs. Box Squat is a perfect kettlebell workout routine for your hips and legs while Snatch Pull is a workout routine that works on entire body muscles.

●      Give an active recovery break while shifting from one workout routine to another. By doing this, you can make your kettlebell workouts more effective and consistent.

●      Women must always stick to light weight kettlebell workouts even when sufficient stamina is built up.

Enjoy your kettlebell workouts to find the healthier you.

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