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Biden’s Coming War on the Suburbs Revealed

One of the more heinous programs former President Barack Obama implemented during the final years of his second term was a plan to legitimately destroy America’s suburban communities.

Mind you, suburbs sprang up in the first place because Americans wanted to escape the congestion, noise, and crime of living in urban centers. But because a majority of suburbs are populated by white majorities, Obama, always the race hustler, planned to utilize that demographic fact to dismantle the ‘burbs as part of his Marxist-driven effort to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.

The plan was simple, radical, and chilling: Implement new rules through federal agencies like Housing and Urban Development (the word ‘urban’ should mean automatically that ‘suburban’ areas are out of reach) that would eventually lead to the formation of low-income multi-dweller units being constructed in the suburbs.

Now for an uncomfortable truth: The vast majority of urban housing projects, all of them aimed at poor Americans and all of them funded by tax dollars. And since most of them are also inhabited by minorities, Obama was going to cynically use that fact to “diversify” the mostly-white suburbs as though he had some grand mandate to do that.

But there more here than just cynicism on Obama’s part. Without question, a large portion of government urban housing projects are also rife with crime, meaning, if the housing projects were moved anywhere, the criminal activity inherent in them would more than likely follow as well.

During his term, President Donald Trump — who was wise to what Obama was planning — put a stop to it.

“Your home will go down in value and crime rates will rapidly rise,” Trump said in July 2020. “People have worked all their lives to get into a community, and now they’re going to watch it go to hell. Not going to happen, not while I’m here.”

Well, of course, Donald Trump is no longer in the White House, Joe Biden is — and so are a plethora of former Obama administration officials who are said to be the real authority behind his administration.

And they are planning to reimpose the Obama HUD rule, according to Rep. Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas.

In a column at Fox News on Friday she wrote:

Joe Biden’s “American Jobs Act” is another delivery of radical campaign promises, but not the ones you might expect from a transportation branded bill – it’s the beginning of the end for America’s suburbs.

Through this policy proposal, municipalities will be incentivized to cancel single-family zoning, the cornerstone of suburban neighborhood development.

This plan builds on the Obama-Biden administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing policy that was revoked during my time at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by Secretary Ben Carson because it was, “unworkable and ultimately a waste of time for localities to comply with, too often resulting in funds being steered away from communities that need them most.”

The Biden plan focuses mostly on legislation proposed by Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., called the Home Act of 2019. It would eliminate “exclusionary zoning policies and local regulations that contribute to sprawl.”

“In case you missed it in all the political jargon, ‘exclusionary zoning policies’ is the rebrand from what we all know as single-family zoning – meaning your neighborhood and mine,” Van Duyne noted. “In fact, Booker’s press release defines it here: ‘exclusionary zoning laws, for example, are local ordinances that ban apartment buildings from certain residential areas.’”

Mind you, this change will only affect the 99 percent of Americans who live in ordinary and upper-middle-class suburbs; it won’t affect the Democrat elites in DC and Silicon Valley because they won’t let that happen.

“Democrats know this must be done before their own primary fights start and they find themselves back on the campaign trail trying to win over the same suburbs they desperately want to dismantle,” the Texas Republican added.

“Their desire to restructure America using single-family zoning reveals clear differences between America’s political parties: Republicans want you to own your home and control your money, while Democrats want to own your home and control you.”

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