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Biden Is Clearly Unfit for Office, Not Just Because He Stole It, But Because He Is Physically and Mentally Failing and Has Been for Some Time

Joe Biden is unfit for office. Not just because he stole the 2020 election, but because he is competently unfit for office.

Yesterday Joe Biden ended a short call, with an offer to take questions.  After he stumbled through this, he was immediately cut off and his performance ended.

The gentlemen at the Bannon War Room took notice as well:

War Room said the mental decline of Biden is dangerous and concerning, given “he’s got the nuclear codes.”

“It’s not funny, this is serious,” said Bannon.

“I’m deeply concerned that the commander in chief is non compos mentis,” Kassam said.

It has now been 43 days without a Biden press conference.

The gang that stole the election for this guy are still pretending to suggest that Biden is mentally and physically able to run the USA. This is a very dangerous, corrupt, and criminal production they are running.

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