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How to Train your Brain on the Treadmill

How to Train Brain on Treadmill

How to Train Brain on TreadmillMADONNA GAUDING, author of The Meditation Bible, gives you a beginner’s guide to serenity. This week, a meditation to try on the treadmill.

BENEFITS: This meditation will double the benefit of working out by connecting body and mind. It will inspire spiritual practice and keep your workouts from becoming another frenetic activity in an already busy life.

TO START: Try this meditation to make your workouts mentally and physically rejuvenating. Go to the gym in quiet periods, so you can stay on the treadmill without hassle.

STEP 1: Before getting on the treadmill, stop for a moment and make meditation your intention. Begin your workout at a slow pace and work up to a speed at which you can walk or run for 30 minutes. Set the timer and then place a towel over the digital readout so that you will not be distracted by it.

STEP 2: Watch your breathing. At first, count up to ten and then start again. Focus your energies on counting and try not to let your thoughts intervene. If they do, simply refocus on your breathing. When you feel ready, let go of counting and monitor your breathing as you would in seated meditation.

STEP 3: If any emotions arise, just acknowledge them and return to concentrating on your breathing. If you begin to feel the physical stress of running, note it and, again, refocus on your breathing.

STEP 4: After 30 minutes, end your meditation and note any difference you feel there may have been between this workout and your normal one.

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