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Elderly Exercise Ideas for Better Health

Exercises for Seniors

Seniors ExercisesIt is a well-known and very important fact that exercise is important no matter which age group one belongs to. Whether it is a kid, or a teenager, adult or an elderly, exercise is must do activity which cannot be skipped or ignored. As the human body ages through the time, one starts to feel weak and becomes ill easily due to low resistance which is definitely a big problem when it come to our respected elderly.

To live healthy, a healthy lifestyle is absolute necessary which includes a healthy diet and exercise. The more you pay attention to these two things, the better. If there is an old timer around you, neighbors, your grandparents be sure to tell them that exercise for the elderly is very important to stay healthy. If you don’t know the right exercise for the elderly then we will tell you all about these exercise for the elderly and their benefits.

Exercise for the Elderly Ideas:

Before we give you some tips about exercise for the elderly, be sure to get yourself checked and be aware of your medical condition and it would be best if you discuss it with your doctor about what kind of exercise for elderly routine you have in mind so he can advise you timing, duration and conditions accordingly.

  • The first and the most basic exercise for the elderly is to take a walk. Taking a walk around the park in the morning time is ideal however you can also talk a walk in the evening. You can start by 5 to 10 minutes daily at a fast or medium pace. This is an ideal exercise for the elderly as they get used to it and the fatigue and can increase the duration as they continue.
  • Listing weights is the second most common exercise for the elderly however you old timers should be careful not get carried away and start lifting the heavier ones straight off the mark. It is an idea exercise for the elderly if one starts slow and gradually. Let’s say you can start with a 5 pound weight and can lift them around 8 to 10 times. If you feel tired then decrease the number of the lifts till you get used to the smaller ones then increasing them gradually. This was the number 2 exercise for the elderly.
  • Continuing our tips about the exercise for the elderly, aerobics is the third ideal exercise for the elderly. Breathing exercise has shown quite good effects for our old timers.
  • Other than walking, jogging slightly is also a good exercise for the elderly. You can take a round around the park at the cooler times of the day. These exercise for the elderly are easy to do but one must not forget that you should start small before moving on to the big ones even if it the exercise for the elderly matter.
  • Exercise for the elderly can also be fun. Our old timers can also try some sports to keep yourself healthy. Tennis, ping pong, badminton or even kicking a soccer ball around will do the trick. See this exercise for the elderly thing is not boring as you think in fact these can be fun as long as you are having fun.
  • Riding a bike around the park for a small duration is another exercise for the elderly idea. Just take out your, ride around the park for 10-15 minutes and enjoy the fresh air.
  • One can even consider house chores as exercise for the elderly. Like pushing the lawn mower. It is your own home made exercise idea and quite a good exercise for the elderly.
  • Squats can also be a good exercise for the elderly. Squat down, stay like that for a few moments and then stand up straight. 10 squats should be enough for the start.
  • Pushups are also a good exercise for the elderly but don’t push it too hard or you might fall down and hurt yourself. Just take it easy and start with smaller pushups. A set of 10 should do the trick for the starters.
  • Stretching the body is another way to exercise and become healthy. Stretch your legs or your upper body, 30 seconds hold should be enough.

These were some ideas for the exercise for the elderly. I hope that it will be useful for all the old timers and adults out there. Be sure to enjoy your exercise because as long as you have fun, you will get the desired results in no time.

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