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Easy Glute Exercise you can do at Home!

Easy Glute Exercise at Home

So you are worrying about your heavy muscles legs, bulky glutes and over shaped thighs. Now You don’t have to worry. You can easily solve this problem by experiencing simple and convenient glute exercises at home. By following these glute exercises at home, you can easily manage your daily household chores and activities.

Remember an important issue towards women health is that healthy and over sized butts, legs and thighs which always create problem even in your daily routine work. beside this, if you are going in a party, friend’s birthday or at any special occasion, I know you want to be an eye catching and center of attention person but with heavy and oversized butt and glutes, you can’t achieve this title. So, simply put your worries aside and follow these simple glute exercises at home and win the game .

Glute exercises at home:

  • Back Kicks:

For smooth, fit and sheen legs and butt, this glute exercise is must. This glute exercise is used by athletes, but is very easy to do at home too. Just place a resistance band to something sturdy and place it around your ankle. Now from standing position, hold on to maintain your balance. Straighten your legs and back straight. Now move one leg backwards and gradually high it up as you can. As you lift, squeeze your butt muscles by not twisting your hips. hold for a moment, gradually lower the leg back down and repeat for a set of 10. Do the same formula with the next leg.

  • Glute Bridge:

You can do this glute exercise easily at home. This glute workout tip not only works on your glute but also on your lower back and hamstrings. Lay own on your back, bent your knees and place your feet firmly on the floor. your back should be in neutral alignment, neither arched nor glued tightly to the floor. Now lift your seat off the floor by rolling up your spine one vertebrate at a time. At this position, your feets and shoulders should remain on the floor. Squeeze your glutes as your hips reach as high as you can do then return to their initial position. Repeat 8-20 times or as per your fitness level.

  • Froggie Lift:

This is a best glute exercise at home for women to remain fit and smart. Lay on your chest with your hands under your forehead and your feet flexed so that your  heels are remain in the air. Press your heels together like frog legs and squeeze your glutes to lift your legs off the floor so that your knees are lifted. Now again squeeze a bit harder to lift your thighs up off the floor. Repeat the exercise for 20-30 times.

Try these easy and applicable glute exercises at home and you will definitely able to reduce over fats on your glutes, butt and legs.

Keep exercising and be healthy, happy and smart.

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