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Best Workout Routine for Summers

Workouts for Women

Workouts for WomenThe increased technology use and the comfortable living styles all of us have nowadays have made most of us “not so fit”. Be it young girls with immense study pressure that spend hours sitting in one posture or middle aged women that spend plenty of time chit chatting and watching TV, everyone has been impacted by the amount of facilities we have. We become even lazier in summers. A perfect summer workout is what everyone wishes for that is easy to be done at home.

This perfect workout for women can be done in less than 30 minutes. The workout helps the entire body. If this workout is done properly results can be seen in a few weeks and you can feel more energetic, strong and be in a better shape. Just follow a few simple steps and benefit from this perfect and easy workout.

1. To begin with just stand straight and jog on-the-spot for about 2 minutes just to warm up for the workout. Then stretch your arms and the entire body to the level of slight discomfort but not pain.

2. Next you have to do jumping jacks for 3 minutes. This will get your heart rate up and will prepare you for the harder workout ahead.

3. After jumping jacks do push-ups.10 push-ups will be enough.

4. Next you will do split jumping lunges for 30 seconds. Make sure that you knee does not go over your heel and you are pushing through your front heel.

5. Now grab your mat and get ready to work on your abs. Do bicycle crunches for 1 minute.

6. After bicycle crunches you will work on your abs and thighs together by doing mountain climbers. Work for another 1 minute.

Repeat the whole workout except for the warm up exercise and perform another set. Until now you have worked on your belly and thighs.

7. To work on your legs you will lay down on the mat with your one leg up and one leg down. Start moving the leg that is up making circle like movements.  It will be like drawing a big circle in the air with your let. Do this for a minute. Switch your leg and now do the same for the other leg. Repeat this one more time

8. The next move will work on your legs and waist together. You will start with your hands laced underneath you head and your legs will be straight up with you back on the floor. Bring your one leg down and bring your opposite elbow moving the shoulder towards to knee of the leg that is still up and try touching it. Now alternate and switch the movement and do it for both the legs and elbows. Do this for three minutes.

9. To work on your arms you can get a bottle full of water. Stand straight and hold the bottle your one hand and bring it up and down. Do the same for the other arms. Repeat this for two minutes.

By doing this simple workout you can tone down your entire body in summer and feel fresh.


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