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5 Easy Ways to Exercise Throughout the Day

5 Easy Ways to Exercise Throughout the Day

Exercise Throughout the Day

Keeping your body fit is very important if you want to stay healthy and into shape. Nobody likes stomach bulging. Too much weight also causes lot of health problems which is not good at all. To reduce the excess weight one needs to exercise on a regular basis. Which means gym needs a permanent position on your weekly schedule. Also most of the women and house wives don’t even get that much time to exercise in their routine lives.

There are many ways to exercise our body within daily routines without taking regular gym sessions. If practiced regularly one can lose weight without any problems. Here are five easy ways to exercise throughout the day.

1. Take a Walk:

If  you want to go grocery shopping to the super market which is only two blocks away then consider taking a walk rather than taking the time to get your car out of your drive way. While you are shopping carry a basket instead of a cart. It will help you burn your calories even faster. Taking your dog for a walk every evening is both exercises for you and your dog as well. If you are talking on the phone, stand up or start walking instead of just sitting while talking. It’s all good exercise. So happy walking.

2. Have Fun With the Kids:

If you are a mom then you can have loads of exercise when you are out in the park with your kids having fun. Ride bikes or play soccer, anything which brings your heart rate up, makes you sweat that excess fat off. Even indoors you can lose your weight while playing some video games with your kids on Wii. There are many games that are fun to play and you get lots of exercise without even realizing. So have fun.

3. Take the Stairs:

Who needs an elevator if one can lose some pounds by climbing the stairs to reach the top? Climbing up 3-4 floors once a day is another easy way to get exercise through our daily routine. Though it takes an extra bit of time to reach our destination but it is still a fair trade if you want to lose some weight.

4. Suck Your Tummy In:

It may sound weird but believe me it works. Sucking your tummy in helps a lot. It actually tightens up your abs if done regularly. Try doing it at an interval of 30 seconds for 5 minutes and keep on doing it as many times as you like throughout the day. It will definitely work.

5. Housework as Exercise:

Housework is good exercise for women. Actually it’s the thing by which you can burn out the most calories. Washing those dishes and cleaning up the house always makes you sweaty. Give an hour or a half to sweeping and cleaning daily. It will help you lose some pounds.

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