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These bizarre COVID-19 symptoms are being reported by doctors


Doctors are reporting these very bizarre COVID-19 symptoms in many coronavirus patients. These are the unusual symptoms.

Doctors from around the country are reporting strange symptoms that are popping up in many COVID-19 patients.

So, what kind of symptoms are these doctors reporting? According to some physicians, COVID-19 patients are developing symptoms such as swollen toes, enlarged tongues, and many skin rashes.

According to Dr. Noe Mateo, Sanford Health Infectious Disease Specialist, there is a wide range of weird symptoms that can occur in COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Mateo also said that one of the weirdest symptoms he has come across involves brain function. Here’s what Dr. Mateo said, “A few patients of mine were really very descriptive about how they were having trouble with how well they can think.

We’re talking about folks who have typically relied on a lot of cognitive function, high-level executive function. That was one of those early unusual findings I’ve heard about.”

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