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Once you are vaccinated you aren’t ‘free’ to do this, says Dr. Fauci

White House COVID-19 advisor Dr. Fauci has said that if you’ve got a COVID-19 vaccine you don’t have a ‘free pass’ to do this.

COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out around the country, and now the nation’s leading infectious disease expert has said that if you get vaccinated, you aren’t free to do this.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House coronavirus advisor, has said during an interview on January 27th that getting vaccinated doesn’t mean you are now free to do whatever you want. Dr. Fauci specifically mentions traveling and says, “getting vaccinated does not mean now you have a free pass to travel”.

Additionally, the infectious disease expert also says that once you are vaccinated, it doesn’t mean you can abandon all of the established public health measures. “nor does it say you have a free pass to put aside all the public health measures that we talk about all of the time”, said Dr. Fauci. Additionally, Dr. Fauci mentioned the time it takes for the vaccine to provide maximum protection against the virus.

Dr. Fauci said, “You can get some degree of protection 10 days after the first dose, but you can’t rely on that. The maximum immunity begins about 10 days and beyond following the second dose. That goes for anyone, regardless of whether you want to travel or not.”

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