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Get Your Metabolism Soaring in the Morning With These Tricks

Your Metabolism

Want to turn your body’s fat-burning potential up a notch? Check out these five ways to wake up and up the calorie burn.Get Your Metabolism Soaring1. Exercise: That dawn workout doesn’t just put a pep in your step; exercising in the morning also helps boost your metabolism, more than exercising at other times of the day. Studies have shown that people who exercised in the morning burn more calories than those who Exercise at other times of the day, so lace up your sneaks and greet the sun for an added calorie burn.

2. Add Intensity: Good news for the time-strapped: a recent study found that a simple intense 2.5-minute burst of exercise can lead to an increased afterburn all day — up to 200 calories worth, in fact. Need ideas on how to add intensity to your workouts? Here are five short exercises that will help you burn extra calories fast.

3. Don’t Delay Breakfast: Don’t skip breakfast just because your day is hectic; eating in the morning helps keep your body at its Metabolism boosting best. Eat a filling breakfast soon after you wake up so your body will be ready to burn energy; try these make-ahead healthy breakfast ideas for grab-and-go mornings.

4. Muscle Up: Overdoing it over the holiday may have still you upping your cardio, but don’t forget to add strength-training to your routine as well to build more calorie-burning muscle. Start your day off with this 10-minute muscle-building workout to increase your metabolism and look your best this holiday.

5. Midmorning Snack: Snacking is a good strategy for maintaining weight, but make sure you choose ones that are filling and healthy. Choose ones that have fat-burning properties for an extra boost for your metabolism. Cold-weather foods like pear and cinnamon are a tasty way to burn fat; check out more metabolism-boosting foods here!

Source: popsugar

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