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Woman found dead after missing her COVID vaccine, ‘died 12 years ago’

A woman who missed her scheduled COVID-19 vaccine has sadly been found dead in her home, but she ‘may have died 12 years ago’.

A woman who missed her scheduled COVID-19 vaccination has been found dead in her home by nurses who were looking for her.

The woman is Christina Malley, and was found in her home in Cove, Aberdeen in Scotland on the 25th of February. Malley would have been in her 80’s, and was found dead on her property.

Reports have stated that Malley could have died up to 12 years ago, and a Police Scotland spokesperson has said that the death, at the moment, is being treated as “unexplained and inquiries are ongoing”.

The properties ground floor has been boarded up, and now a specialist forensic team of officers are examining the home for clues about how the woman died.

The Evening Express reports that the cause and time of death has yet to be found. However, fears have raised that the Malley’s may have occurred more than a decade ago.

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