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Are COVID-19 Vaccines Causing Blindness?

Are COVID-19 Vaccines Causing Blindness

According to the remarks, democrats are pushing the wrong narrative. They keep declaring that we need COVID-19 vaccines to survive the plague and there is no other way to overcome this Pandemic. But in the meantime, they do forget to mention that these vaccines cause paralysis, blindness, and death. Asking people are worried a bit? Are you frightened? Unapproved COVID vaccines cause severe side results. VigiBase reported that COVID shots have caused eye disorders in at least 20,000 individuals. The database of safety reports for the WHO shocked the nation.
Life Site News has more details of the specific eye disorders:

“The nearly 20,000 eye disorders reported to VigiBase, a database for the WHO maintained by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) in Uppsala, Sweden, include:
• Eye pain (4616)
• Blurred vision (3839)
• Photophobia or light intolerance (1808)
• Visual impairment (1625)
• Eye swelling (1162)
• Ocular hyperemia or red eyes (788)
• Eye irritation (768)
• Itchy eyes or eye pruritus (731)
• Watery eyes or increased lacrimation (653)
• Double vision or diplopia (559)
• Eye strain or asthenopia (459)
• Dry eye (400)
• Swelling around the eye or periorbital swelling (366)
• Swelling of the eyelid (360)
• Flashes of light in the field of vision or photopsia (358)
• Blindness (303)
• Eyelid edema (298)
• Eye or ocular discomfort (273)
• Conjunctival hemorrhage or breakage of a small eye vessel (236)
• Blepharospasm or abnormal contraction of an eye muscle (223)
• Vitreous floaters (192)
• Periorbital edema (171)
• Eye hemorrhage (169)

More than half of the eye disorders (10, 667) were also reported to the U.K.’s Yellow Card adverse event reporting system. April 21 eight reports of eye disorders among the 228 reports concerning Moderna’s vaccine, of which only 100,000 first doses had been administered. Eye conditions were not reported in the clinical trials for vaccines that have been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. Blindness is a serious issue and we can’t ignore it. We can’t even absorb the fact that COVID shots left people blind. At least 300 vaccinated people are blind now.

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