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Tips for Starting The Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet PlanAre those few extra calories bugging you? And you want to get rid of them? Well there is a savior for you in that case which is called the Dukan diet, an easy and smart way to lose weight. Dukan diet is a certain way of losing weight rapidly without starving. This diet was devised by a French doctor named Pierre Dukan, who researched on different ways of dieting and came up with this one.

 It is a high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diet. Dukan diet has four basic phases. First phase is called as attack phase and lasts only for a few days. In this phase your diet will be only protein and weight loss will be rapid which is very encouraging to the people who are discouraged by different weight control remedies. The cruise phase which is the second phase of Dukan diet plan adds vegetables with proteins to your diet. You have to follow this phase of Dukan diet plan till you reach your goal or as said by Dr.Dukan your “true weight”.

People reduce 2 pounds a week at an average which is quite rapid for weight loss programs but that’s the only part of this diet which keeps you going.

Now you come to the consolidation phase which is the second last phase of Dukan diet plan. The phase’s name says it all but to be more explicit this is the phase where you add more food to your diet whilst still following the strict rules. Make sure that your rapid weight loss is consolidated in this phase of Dukan diet plan in order to ensure that you keep your true weight.

After you have successfully been through this transitional phase you come back to eating anything and everything you want 6 days a week while keeping one day strictly all protein every week without a fail. “This will keep you clinging to your true weight for good”, says Doctor Pierre Dukan. This phase of Dukan diet plan is called stabilization phase; it also adds exercise to your routine which is not an option but compulsory for expected results. There’s prep phase too which is just to get started. Many of us have heard that KateMiddleton and her mother follow this diet plan too.

Oat bran is essential for Dukan diet plan. This is something you MUST eat if you are on Dukan diet plan hence on top at Dukan diet food list. You will need about two table spoons of Oat bran every day while you are on Dukan diet plan; it is one of the basic tips for starting the Dukan Diet.

As Dukan diet plan’s attack phase is pure protein only, all one should eat is beef which can be in any form (low fat if minced) chicken and other poultry (without skin), all fish and shell fish, fat free yoghurt, cottage cheese, crème fraiche and skimmed milk. Keep in mind that you’ll be spending only a few days in attack phase and then will be moving to the cruise phase in cruise phase add salads to your diet and most of fresh vegetables except for the potatoes. Salads not only help you lose weight but also make your skin looks glowing and healthy.

One might feel annoyed or bored because of the strict diet plan or some might get a feeling that he is not full, so that you just need to stock up sugar free chewing gums and have them after every meal so that your subconscious keeps you telling that you’re having something,also keep a diary with yourself handy and note down your progress during the diet, which is very use fulin Dukan diet plan.

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