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Juice A Dynamic Drink

juice a dynamic drink

Healthy juice dietThe juice diet has definitely become a firm favourite amongst celebrity fans, as well as us too Healthy eating has never been easier now that we can just drink all of the goodness in a simple juice Jason Vale is known as the master of juice, creating a seven day plan and some of the most delicious and nutritious juices there is He told the TV Extra magazine: “Many people simply don’t eat enough vegetables and juicing is a good way to get these vital nutrients into the body. If you can’t eat it – drink it.

He also shared His Top Tops For juicing:

Get the right juicer. Nothing will put a nail in your juicing coffin faster than getting the wrong juicer. Philips is currently the brand leader in the world of juicers. Which? magazine voted them best buy. Don’t peel your fruit and vegetables before you juice. A great deal of nutrients are to be found in the skin or close to the skin of certain fruits and vegetables. Other than oranges and grapefruits you should wash but not peel your produce.

Juice what your wouldn’t normally eat raw. Most people eat their fruit and drink their vegetables. Veg is at its most nutritious when it is raw. And when broccoli, celery, beetroot and so on are juiced and mixed with a little apple, they taste great. When you juice, the idea is to go way beyond just juicing an orange.

Clean your juicer before you drink your juice. Modern juicers have become much easier to clean but never leave your juicer without cleaning it. In fact it’s best to dry it and get it all set up for next time Experiment. Only you know what you really love, so get a bag of different fruit and vegetables, plug your juicer in and mix and match to your heart’s content. It’s good for you My personal favourite juice is made up from two apples, two carrots and a quarter of lemon. Delicious and fresh. Have you tried a healthy juice?

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