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Healthy Diet for Pregnant Ladies

Healthy Diet for Pregnant

Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women

Nutritional diet that pregnant woman take are the main source of the nutrients for the baby. Anyhow increase in weight is the sign that baby is growing healthy, but it doesn’t mean that you only have to increase diet.  There are actually three stages of pregnancy, mostly called Trimesters.

Early pregnancy diet:

Early pregnancy needs special care. In first trimester women may feel nausea and sickness. By the third month you may feel more tiredness and sickness as your body gain several pounds. With healthy routine and diet you can overtake this feeling because you have to be more energetic by the end of third month. In early pregnancy diets you don’t have to increase calories just eat healthy diet and nutrition. In the second trimester increase about 300 calories per day & increase 450 calories for your third trimester.  The early pregnancy diet should include all the nutrients like Vitamins & Minerals.

Iron and Folic Acid:

In early pregnancy body need more iron. Iron carries oxygen throughout the body. If there is lack of iron the paleness and tiredness will be the main symptoms. Good sources of iron are green leafy vegetables, beans, berries, cereals, carrots etc. If don’t take much quantity of iron in your food then ask your doctor to prescribe a folic acid tablets for you. These are also good source of iron & folic acids.


Proteins are essential for early pregnancy diet. Proteins give support in the growth of your baby’s cells, tissues and bones. The sources of proteins are beans, egg whites, nuts, and peanut butter. But take them in normal quantity.


Calcium is also must for early pregnancy diet. You may take calcium supplements. But milk is very good and rich source of calcium.

Fruit and Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables have extra ordinary nutrition and can be good sources of vitamin and minerals. In early pregnancy diet increase the intake of raw vegetables and fruits. Include orange and apple juices in your daily routine. These are good source of iron and vitamins. The fruits and vegetables are not only recommended for early pregnancy diet but these should be taken throughout end month of pregnancy and after giving birth too.

Try to avoid these things in your pregnancy.

  • Avoid Alcohol; it may be cause of miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • Limit the amount of caffeine intake. It can be harmful for baby.
  • High mercury seafood can damage baby’s nervous system. Take fish which have low mercury levels. Try to eat light tuna, salmon, cod.

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