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10 Mistakes That Could Make Your Workout Go Waste

Your Workout Go Waste

After your wedding date gets fixed and you have just a few months or days to tone up or get rid of any extra weight before the wedding, the first thing you feel the urge to do is hit the gym. Like a woman, you wish to appear your beautiful greatest and you perform not soft ! Nevertheless, are you aware that particular issues before your exercise might eliminate all of your effort down the strain actually before you understand it you need to do? Yes, it’s accurate. This is a listing of those incorrect methods you have to prevent every single day before you strike the gymnasium.Women Workout

As a bride, you want to look your gorgeous best and for that, you work hard, which is great! However, did you know that certain things you do before your workout could flush all your hard work down the drain even before you realize it? Yes, it is true. Here is a list of all those wrong practices you need to avoid before you hit the gym every day.

1. Working Out Without an AimWorking Out Without an Aim

You need to have a goal about how much weight or inches you need to lose, a plan of action and a lot of dedication and motivation. An aimless attempt at the gym will never fetch you fruitful results. So, be focused and set reasonable targets.

2. Not Warming up Before Your Workout Before Your Workout

Stretches increase the blood flow in all your muscles and that reduces any risk of major injury. Not only this, but you also feel more energised and flexible to carry forward your workout. So, instead of jumping on the treadmill as soon as you enter the gym, do a proper full-body stretch first.

3. Consuming a Heavy Dinner the Night Before Your WorkoutConsuming a Heavy Dinner the Night Before Your Workout

Hogging sumptuous and fattening meals a night before, thinking that you will lose all the calories the next day is a mere misconception in your mind. Without controlling your food cravings, you cannot reach your aim. Focus on eating a light, nutritious and healthy diet if weight loss and fitness are really what you are looking for.

4. Consuming Nothing at All Before Your WorkoutConsuming Nothing at All Before Your Workout

Workouts take up a lot of energy. However, if you starve yourself, your body will not have any energy to offer while you sweat it out at the gym. You will feel sleepy and dizzy and your workout will be a waste. Have a small bowl of cereal, some nuts or a banana at least half an hour before you hit the gym.

5. Having Energy Drinks Before WorkoutHaving Energy Drinks Before Workout

Yes they give you an instant boost of energy, but did you know that they contain high amount of sugar in them? Working hard by exercising on one hand and then drinking a sweet rich drink on the other does not really make any sense, does it? Sip on water instead.

6. Drinking Lots of WaterDrinking Lots of Water

Having said that, do not drink a litre of water before your workout. Your stomach will feel bloated. You might even feel an urgent need to rush to the washroom every few minutes. Have a few sips of water before beginning and keep sipping on it every now and then. The idea is to hydrate the body, not fill a water tank!

7. Having Protein Shakes Before WorkoutsHaving Protein Shakes Before Workouts

It is a known fact that proteins take longer to digest than any other vital nutrients. Having a protein shake after your workout is a better idea than gulping it before starting exercise. You need to feel light when you exercise.

8. Consuming Fibre-Rich Breakfast Before Working OutConsuming Fibre-Rich Breakfast Before Working Out

Again, just like a very high protein diet, you should avoid a very high fibre diet too! It causes heaviness, bloating and gas. Eat everything, but in moderation. Also, keep a good time gap between your meals and workout.

9. Concentrating Only on Cardio ExercisesConcentrating Only on Cardio Exercises

The body needs a combination of cardio, weight training and strengthening exercises to lose weight and tone up those stubborn inches. Only practicing cardio exercises in your workout routine will help you lose weight but make it stagnant really soon. So, ask your trainer to make a good and wholesome workout chart for you along with giving you some tips on healthy eating.

10. Drinking liquor Before Your WorkoutDrinking liquor Before Your Workout

We know that all the ongoing preparations are tiring you and stressing you out, but unless you want to fall off the treadmill because you passed out, drinking is really a bad idea!

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