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Good Diet Plan after Weight Loss Surgery

Good Diet Plan after Weight Loss Surgery

Diet after Weight Loss SurgeryA good diet plan after weight loss surgery requires a drastic change in the eating habits. So it is better to preplan a good diet plan for women so that it would be helpful for you to adopt a restricted relatively hard diet plan after the surgery.

“Bariatric surgery’’ is medical term of Weight loss surgery which is designed for people who are really over weight. It is an effective surgery for women but it has one condition that once you have gone through a weight loss surgery, it is a must to follow a proper diet plan to maintain your weight. It is very important for achieving maximum benefits. As patients are not able to eat a large quantity of food after it so physicians advise a diet plan for them which is high protein and low fat food.

 The basic aim for this good diet plan for women is to learn eating a balanced diet after a weight loss which would both be able to maintain weight and health altogether.  A good diet plan for women must be able to utilize all the proteins in the body for a quick healing. It would use a good quantity of fluids for maintaining hydration as well. The use of mineral and vitamin supplements would enable you to get the entire nutrient your body need.

A good diet plan for women after weight loss surgery includes four basic stages, while in the first stage use liquids only for three to two weeks, just liquids and nothing else. Just after that shift your diet for six to eight weeks to soft foods, and slowly and gradually move towards the regular diets for the next six-nine months. Please give preference to the liquids for preventing dehydration and then go for proteins.

Along with these, some supplements will also be needed in good diet plan for women after weight loss surgery, depending upon medical history and physical health. These include multivitamin iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and additional iron along with vitamin A, D, E and K.

Step 1: Light Liquid & Juices

On the Step One of a proper diet plan for women after weight loss surgery, please use liquids. Take only clear liquid diet for 10 to 15 days. You may use clear broths, juices diluted and sugar free gelatin desserts.

Step 2: High Protein Liquids:

Now after this, on the second step in diet plan for women after weight loss surgery, start taking one fourth cup of high-protein liquids, per hour. This diet is your nutritional complete food, now take a non-caffeinated, non carbonated or a no calorie liquid per hour.
For taking liquids, in healthy diet plan it is recommended to take small sips rather than using straws and drink room temperature liquids. Keep taking liquid diet for at least three weeks and during this period do not switch to solid diets. After it, take protein liquids to aid healing.

Step 3: Soft Foods:

Now you are ready for the next step in good diet plan after weight loss surgery, in this step start taking soft foods including light calories vegetable soups and your focus should be high protein liquids. In this stage special care must be needed for knowing your recognition of the time when you are full.

Step 4: Regular Foods in Small Portions:

Now on the nest stage which is post surgery ten to twelve weeks, move on to regular consistency foods in small portions. In this step of diet plan you will be able to eat what you had been eating before weight loss surgery but in small quantities. Please avoid junk foods or empty calorie stuff as they could be harmful for you. Make healthy food your choice and go for natural food items such as fruits, vegetables etc. each meal on this step must have at least three ounces of protein in it.

You must take care of good diet plan after weight loss surgery, eat slowly and stop when you feel half of the hunger is left. Chew really well and avoid high sugar foods.

Hope these will work as a good diet plan after weight loss surgery.

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