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5 Fun Tips For Putting a Healthier Spin on Your Child’s Party

When it comes to throwing a kids’ party, there is a happy medium between the fun police and getting everyone hopped up on sugar. With a few simple tweaks to their favorite party foods, you can keep all the fun and cut down on the junk. From making Simply HEINZ Ketchup the go-to accompaniment for snacks to swapping out soda.

Here’s how to avoid nutritional disaster on your kid’s special day.

No-Bake Veggie Pizzas

5 Fun Tips For Putting a Healthier Spin on Your Child’s Party

To make any food party-ready, serve it in customizable pizza form! Even broccoli becomes fun for kids when it’s a choice, so serve up personal-size plain margherita pizzas and have kids complete them to their liking by heaping on fresh veggies and herbs. Make not-so-popular veggies more palatable by keeping the pieces small and serve toppings in a range of colors to encourage kids to keep piling them on.

Fruit-Infused Water

Kids’ parties are often a soda-fest, which is bad news from a nutritional standpoint and also for adults who are trying to manage a lot of very excited little people. For a pretty, healthy, and delicious solution, go with fruit-infused water instead. Place a variety of sliced fruits and even herbs like mint or basil in a jug of water and refrigerate for one to two hours for peak flavor. When the party is over, use the fruit to make smoothies.

Veggie Dippers

Kids’ parties are all about the snacks, but a veggie plate can be just as appealing as a tray of cookies with the right presentation. The trick is a variety of colors, which will draw kids’ attention and keep them coming back for more. Little snackers will love roasted zucchini or sweet potatoes dipped in Simply HEINZ Ketchup, which is completely free of artificial ingredients. Who even has room left for cookies now?!

Fruit Kebabs

Colorful fruit skewers are a vitamin-packed sweet treat that kids can help to prep. Simply thread berries, strawberries, melon, pineapple, and kiwi onto wooden or plastic skewers, then spread the skewers out in a rainbow pattern and let everyone help themselves.

Frozen Fruity Pops

Running around at a party is thirsty work, so cool things down with all-natural frozen popsicles. Watermelon is an excellent choice, as it is naturally sweet; simply puree a whole one, pour into popsicle molds, and freeze. For authentic-looking “melon slices,” top each frozen popsicle with a thin layer of green apple or lime juice and continue to freeze.

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