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These two COVID-19 vaccines can kill this new rapidly spreading strain

According to a new study, researchers have managed to find out two different COVID-19 vaccines that are effective against a new rapidly spreading strain. Fast-spreading coronavirus variants have been identified in California can be stopped by two COVID-19 vaccines, according to a newly published study.

This latest study comes from Duke Health researchers that have tested blood serum samples from people who have taken the Moderna or a Novovax vaccine. The researchers noted that when this serum was introduced to the new strain that has been identified in California, the effectiveness of the vaccine reduced, however, the overall protectiveness of the vaccine remained.

Though, the researchers didn’t test the Pfizer’s already approved vaccine, but deduced that the results would be the same as the Moderna test results.

Author David Montefiori, professor and director of the Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine Research and Development in Duke’s Department of Surgery, said, “The good news is the California variant does not appear to be a problem for our current vaccines. That’s important to know because this variant is now as prevalent in the U.S. as the U.K. variant, both of which appear to be more contagious.”

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