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This is the new long-term COVID-19 symptom you could get, warns study

Researchers have found that COVID-19 patients can experience this new long-term symptom for a matter of weeks to months.

A new study has claimed that there is a new COVID-19 symptom that can last for several weeks to months, depending on the person.

According to experts from Sweden, who published a new study, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), which is a heart condition that can cause an increase in heart rate, diszziness, and lightheadedness, can be a “long COVID” symptom.

Dr. Madeleine Johansson, of the Department of Clinical Sciences at Lund University in Malmo and one of the lead authors of the study, said, “As reports of Covid-19 patients being impacted by long-term symptoms unrelated to their original diagnosis continue to grow, it’s important to raise awareness of POTS as a possible long-term complication.”

Dr. Johansson continued and said at the moment, researchers don’t know what specifically causes POTS-like symptoms to appear in post-COVID-19 patients or how long these symptoms will last. For more information on this story.

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