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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Strong AF

While there’s no way to predict whether your relationship is built to last forever, working out with your partner can strengthen your connection in more ways than one. So the next time you and your bae head to the gym, look out for the signs that your bodies ahem, your bond is built to last, from Bianca Vesco and Dennis Pena, certified fitness trainers at Manhattan fitness studio Dogpound and IRL couple that’s been going strong since February 2016.

5 Signs

1. You Back Each Other Up.

back each-other up

Try it: Stand behind your partner and place your palms on the ground. Kick one leg at a time straight up toward the ceiling to come up into a handstand, and have your partner grab the outside of each of your ankles behind his shoulders. Both partners bend their elbows. You extend your arms to perform a handstand push-up while your partner extends his arms to perform a triceps extension. That’s one rep. The more you can do, the stronger your love.

2. You Support Each Other.

support each other

Try it: Have your partner get into a hands plank position, then straddle him facing his heels. Place your palms on his lower calves, then gently place the top of each foot on his shoulders. You both bend your elbows to lower your chests toward the ground. Then extend your arms to return to plank position and complete one rep. See how many you can do — the more, the more likely you are to last.

3. He Lifts You Up When You’re Down

3. He lifts you up when you’re down.

Try it: Have your partner lie face-up on his back and hand him a weighted plate. (Dennis is using a 45-pound weight, but feel free to go lighter.) While he holds the plate with both hands, just above his chest, straddle him while facing his feet and position your butt on top of the plate. Placing your hands over your partner’s for support, carefully lift one leg at a time and outstretch them in front of you. Have your partner slowly extend his arms to press you and the plate up toward the ceiling, then bend his elbows halfway to return to starting position. That’s one rep. See how long you can stay as still as possible — engage those abs — while your partner cranks out sets.

4. You Stand Up for Each Other.stand up

Try it: Have your partner stand with his feet slightly wider than shoulders-width apart and stand to his right. Have your partner bend his knees to come into a low squat. Position your left hip over his right shoulder and your right side across his shoulders. Use your right hand to hold onto your partner’s left shoulder, and position your left hand behind your head. Have your partner extend his legs to pick you up as he comes up to standing position. Have your partner bend his knees to lower into a squat while you raise your top leg. Bring your legs together as he comes back to standing position to complete one rep. See how many reps you can perform before one of you gets the giggles (aka out of breath).

5. You Stick Together Through Ups and Downs.

ups and downs

Try it: Stand behind your partner as he crouches down to a low squat. Have him position his head between your legs and hold on to your thighs as he extends his legs to come up to standing position with you sitting on his shoulders. As you shimmy your butt down to your partner’s lower back, have your partner bend forward from the waist for stability and grasp your ankles. When you both feel sturdy, you slowly lower your upper body down toward the floor. Next, engage your core to sit back up to starting position, crossing your arms across your chest if you’d like. Try one sit-up for every month you’ve been dating, then vow to celebrate your next big anniversary over celebratory drinks at a bar instead of at the gym.

Source: cosmopolitan

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