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Top 5 Winter Street Styles

Best Winter Street Styles

Winter brings along winter trends and styles. These styles vary from country to country and continent to continent. Trendy winter styles are fun to follow. Read on to know more about this winter street styles in your region.

  • Paris Street Style

Winter Paris Street Style
Paris Street Style in Winter

Paris is the city of fashion. Fashion originates from Paris and the French streets and its people are a proof of elegance and stylized dressing. Whatever one may wear on the streets of Paris, be it the old T-shirt with a baseball cap, there is a certain aura of style and trend in the air. The 2012-2013 Paris street style is as chic as the city itself. Pencil skirts are in trend and if you look short when wearing one, try with a high heeled strappy shoe. Warm woolen sweaters with short shorts and stockings, woolen gloves, and leather jackets are in this season.

The basic behind Paris street style 2012-2013 is to accessorize yourself by bringing a new look regardless of what you wear. This may include trendy sunglasses, warm mittens, and tall boots, placing the coat over the shoulders instead of wearing it or wearing those peep toes shoes. Everything is acceptable since Paris holds the key to fashion.

  • Japan Street Style

Winter Japan Street Style
Japan Street Style in Winter

Japanese love wearing leggings, skinny tights and stockings. Their thin legs are ideal to carry the latest fashion. As for tops, the 2012-2013 Japan street style introduces loose, over sized and bulky clothing. This is matched with hats, gloves and scarves to be worn on streets. Japanese are opting for the rough and tough look instead of the classic chic and body hugging appearance.

  • London Street Style

Winter London Street Style
London Street Style in Winter

London street style is yet up to the minute. A jacket by Zara, shoes from Aldo, bag from Balenciaga, and outfit from vintage; London is full of designer wear. However, this winter, you can start digging up old worn out denim jeans and accessorize yourself with a designer outfit, fur coat, with matching bag, shoes, sun glasses and trinkets. Maxi style dresses or skirts with knee length boots or Suede shoes are part of the 2012-2013 London street style. Mix and match your polka dot dresses and try wearing primary colors to brighten up those dull winter days.

  • New York Street Style

Winter New York Street Style
New York Street Style in Winter

Style is timeless in New York. No matter how neon kids dress up but when it comes to women and aesthetics,New York street style is purely classic, chic and very well groomed. The resident place for world’s popular socialites, New York breathes fashion. Common winter street styles for 2012-2013 include wrapping around a warm shawl, wearing a knitted hat to cover the head, a pair of bright sun glasses and long boots. Combination of brown and black never gets old in New York so try these most loved colors in the city.

  • Seoul Street Style

Winter Seoul Street Style
Seoul Street Style in Winter

South Korea is also up when it comes to fashion street style. The Capital city Seoul has one of the most stylized street fashions. Hats are iconic in Seoul street style. Buy the most full sized hat and make the most of it. Hats in Seoul range from fedoras to beanies, woolen hats and leather caps.Slim cut pencil style trousers, with a baggy sweater, ankle length boots, checkered scarf and skinny leggings are the winter street style for Seoul.

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