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Paris Street Style

This year, the Street Style 2012 will be seen in the City of Lights or you may say the City of chicness with the real street style. Paris Fashion Week 2012 has come up with brand new trends, styles and a traditional new way of carrying out fashion on the Fashion Week page. Following trends in the Paris Street Style were seen in the year 2012 as a part of the Fashion Week.

What is most special about the Paris Street Style is that there are seen many Hollywood stars who prefer to roam around the streets and slums of California and New York in casual rags. On the contrary, when it comes to Paris Street Style, these Hollywood Stars, boost the gamble up and glam of the Paris Street Style chic fashion.

  • Skirts, or Rompers

Skirts or Rompers

Paris Street Style varies greatly. You see top notch skirts, rompers to just a sleeping suit. Paris Street Style is unique in a way that one can find glamorous variety on the streets. Polka dots, jumpsuits, pencil skirts, tunics, tattered denim skirts, maxis, retro style dresses can all be seen on the Paris Street Style.

  • Skirts With Strappy High Heels

Skirts with Strappy High Heels

Paris Street Style fashion saw a trendy pair of a mother and daughter outside the Louis Vuitton show wearing the skirts with strappy high heels. The famous Rachel Zoe wore a jacket that was messy with a pleated skirt exhibiting the corporate Paris Street Style. Natalia was seen wearing the blue ensemble, a skirt with floral holes as part of a casual Paris Street Style.

  • Simple School Girl Dress

Simple School Girl Dress

A simple school girl dress will never be out of fashion in the Paris Street Style. A funky leopard printed romper along with the printed slippers is just a perfect and unique Paris Street Style. Animal print can’t ever go out of fashion in Paris Street Style. A leopard shirt with a leather mini can be worn on casual basis too. Dolce and Gabana can’t be left behind when talking about Paris Street Style Fashion Week. A green/blue/yellow sequins dress is also part of the Paris Street Style which can be worn on parties. Not just this, the chic outlook of the 90s is also back with a bang. It can be worn with plain pants and with a casual shirt.

  • Cut off Shorts With Shirt

Cut off Shorts with Shirt

What can be unique in Paris Street Style than a cut off shorts with a west like shirt? A studded handbag would complete the look with it.  Wide leg jeans can be worn by striped shirt. A combo fit for the Paris Street Style for the women of middle age. A loose blouse of tea pink color worn along with the dull red pants looks chic on anyone as part of the Paris Street Style.

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