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Street Style; Say it out loud!

street style say it out loud

Street Style

Some people think that paying attention to street style is not as important as compared to paying attention to formal wear. What they don’t realize is that you don’t get to wear formal clothes everyday whereas street wear is necessary because you go out every day with a casual dress up and that’s how people mostly see you and therefore judge you.

But we see that this attitude is changing rapidly. Today, we see a lot of people spending money on branded street wear. Brands like Outfitters, Next, Cross Roads and countless others have compelled people to carry street style in a fashionable manner. Women are especially prone to purchasing unique, up-to-date street wear.

Casual and Funky Street

Casual and funky street wears have attracted teenagers and youth the most.  Girls love to buy and wear stylish yet casual tops with vibrant colours. In summers especially, women do shopping to fill up their wardrobe with cotton tops and t-shirts. In winters, women go for pretty cardigans as street wear.

We see so many different styles of different t-shirts for street wear and as street fashion is gaining more attention from women, women are becoming choosier about selecting t-shirts which would go well with their style statement. What is printed on the shirt makes all the difference when it comes to street wear.

Brands Street Style

Some people like to wear brands and show it. Brands like Nike print their logos on shirts to give the customer that special feeling he gets only by wearing a goof brand. After all, street style is no more an ignored part of clothing.

Retro or Vintage style t-shirts are even more casual than t-shirts with a print on the shirt which shows something eye-catching like a famous old character, a TV show or something of the sort which gives this street style an old yet classy look.

Shoes for Street Fashion

Turning our attention to shoes for street fashion; standard trainers, flat slip-on shoes, high back trainers and street sport shoes are always considered as “In” when it comes to street style. Trainers always make you look smart and sporty and if carried well, they can compliment any street fashion clothing. Women love to buy trainers from big brands like Nike and Adidas because it says a lot about their style statement and because they love the quality.

Pumps and slip on shoes are a hot favourite among street fashion for women. Especially in summers, women love to wear brightly coloured pumps to give the summer look a fine touch. Pumps have gained popularity rapidly in the last few years and women also find slip-on-shoes perfect for street style and easy to wear.

Pumps and Slip on Shoes

High back trainers are simple and comfortable. This street fashion is another hit for summers because they are breath-able. The neutral colour scheme also makes them more usable since it can be worn with any outfit.

Now that you have a good overview of street style for women, it will hopefully be easier for you to make the right choice!

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