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Discrimination In The Workplace

Discrimination means detriment of equality of chances and behaviors. It may be said that inequalities are the result of discrimination. In fact the freedom of man to enhance qualities and follow a professional and personal action is prohibited, no matter how capable one is. Discrimination is practiced in many forms in workplaces and in all types of work settings. It implicates people to behave differently under different heads like sex, color, race gender, age, citizenship, nationality, religion, marital status and disability etc. Under discrimination skills and abilities cannot be grown, feeling of insult, tension, weakness dominates and rewards to the jobs are shunned.

Different forms of discrimination in any workplace may include oral or physical abuse, screaming, yelling and using violative language. It further not only add making groups and separating certain employees but also harassing them psychologically and bullying or terrorizing. Furthermore giving them useless targets not related to the jobs or assigning them impossible jobs. To unease certain employees changing the list of names deliberately and also are sabotaging the performance of work by hiding or holding strong favorable information.

In a workplace environment it is absolutely just to eradicate the discrimination which is found at the core of ILO’s mandate. It hurdles the idea of normal and decent working among men and women in any workplace thus discriminating the equal opportunities among work seekers.

The expulsion of discrimination in workplace should be a mandatory agenda of any strategy being formulated for lowering the poverty and to keep economic growth ongoing.

To fight against discrimination in workplaces, it would be very ideal if the employers formulate anti-discrimination policies for employees, however employers and employees both can take steps to stand against discrimination in a workplace.

A few steps to combat discrimination in workplaces are as follows.

  1. 1. If you feel uneasy due to anything, speak up. There are few who make the speaker feel that we are crossed or angry otherwise majority of us don’t interrupt the speaker or doer. Tell your coworkers that you think his talk is inappropriate and you would prefer if he stops making such comments in future.
  2. 2. Since the best way to fight any battle is to be prepared in time. Be positive, professional and productive. This would lessen your chances of being discriminated against, as it is always tough to deliberately say no to a raise or promotion to a deserving and model employee.
  3. 3. Always seek improvement in yourself especially if you see less qualified coworkers getting ahead of you. It might not be discrimination…but any loop holes where you need to excel.
  4. 4. If in spite of your best efforts, you still find the workplace full of discrimination, it might be a sign that you need to change the place. May be you need to consider if you should look for a more positive and cooperating work environment?
  5. 5. Last but not least, first you must set a good example, closely see your own words and behaviors towards protected classes and then workplace discrimination is not something that you have to bear. Contact your senior to talk with him on your internal grievance if the discrimination against you is still continued.

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