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Jbrds Footwear Secures $500k Funding: A Step Ahead in Children’s Shoe Design

Jbrds Footwear
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Baltimore’s Jbrds, an innovative children’s footwear startup, recently bagged a funding of $500,000. Though the exact names of the investors remain under wraps, Finsmes reports that this influx pushes the firm’s valuation to a commendable $5 million.

Jbrds, under the guidance of its founder—a skilled pediatrician—designs shoes that prioritize a child’s foot health. The brand’s distinctive features include suede bottoms for enhanced grip, velcro straps for ease of wear, and meticulously crafted vertical stitching to prevent circulation problems.

Emphasizing its unique approach, the Jbrds website states, “We’ve revamped the children’s shoe, keeping young feet at the forefront. Our designs aim for anatomical precision to bolster the foot and lower extremities’ healthy growth.” This ensures support for the developing foot and helps stabilize the yet-forming heel, thereby aiding in standing, balancing, and walking.

Jbrds’ commitment to innovation is evident from its recent product line, Stand2Walk, which made its debut in July 2022. Celebrating the successful seed funding round, Dr. Jay LeBow, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Jbrds, expressed, “A close study of numerous X-rays and existing generic children’s footwear highlighted a significant gap, which Jbrds aims to bridge. Our mission is to ensure every child begins their journey with shoes tailored for their developmental stage, integrating scientific and medical expertise.”

Joining Dr. LeBow in this venture are seasoned professionals from the sports world: Mike Gugat, previously associated with giants like Mizuno and Adidas, and David Hirshfel, a leading sports goods merchant. Together, they envision reshaping the children’s and infant’s footwear landscape.

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