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Woman’s Shein Outfit Review Goes Viral as She Debates Fashion Fail

Photo by TikTok

A woman shared her mixed feelings about a coordinated outfit she ordered from Shein, expecting a chic ensemble but ending up disappointed. Chloe Kent, a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast from Kent, humorously described feeling like a ‘Fat Flintstone’ in the white two-piece that did not meet her expectations, especially since it left little to the imagination with its revealing crop top.

In a social media post, Chloe sought her followers’ advice on whether to keep or return the outfit, alongside a clip captioned ‘Shein… keep or send back?!’ She presented the outfit as it was advertised on Shein’s website, noting a mishap with the straps that led to an unintended reveal. Chloe joked about the craftsmanship of the piece, playfully criticizing the quality of the work by comparing it to that of a child.

Trying on the pleated set, Chloe was quick to notice it did not flatter her as it did the model on the website. She likened herself to Wilma Flintstone, known for her iconic white dress, questioning the outfit’s appeal with a humorous ‘yabba dabba don’t?’ remark. She also expressed concern over how the outfit accentuated her undergarments and pondered the need for better-fitting shapewear to achieve the desired look.

Chloe’s aspirations of looking like a ‘goddess on holiday’ felt dashed by the outfit’s unflattering fit, especially how it awkwardly positioned her bust, leaving her feeling self-conscious. She ended her review with a plea for help, debating whether to return the disappointing purchase.

The TikTok video, shared by @chloekentfromkent, quickly gained traction, amassing over 94,300 views in just 16 hours. The reaction from social media users was polarized; some agreed with Chloe’s critical assessment, suggesting a heavier fabric or a different color might improve the look. Others, however, found the outfit appealing, complimenting its design and how it suited Chloe, showcasing the subjective nature of fashion and personal style.

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