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7 Trendy Nail Art Designs for Fall

Nail Art Designs

Girls are always trying to be trendy, fabulous, fantastic and what not! Their lives revolve around beauty and beauty tends to be the sole reason of their existence. If you are a girl, you would be knowing how much it means to take care of yourself and appear attractive, gorgeous and appealing.Trendy Nail ArtThis means that there are gorgeous ways to add flair to your overall attire and this is where nail art comes as a great option. Nail art can perfectly match your special outfit while adding a distinctive touch to one’s personality. Even though there exist professionals which reserve the position to practice very detailed nail art, there are several designs which you can create on your own and you will be stunned by the results.Nail Art DesignWhat you need is just some aesthetic sense and you can try some duo-tones, different sized polka dots, a blended array of colors, stamps or you can try some glitter and jewels and what you will get in the end will be lovely hands spreading a gorgeous impact. Nail art is in the trend since quite some time and the designs tend to evolve with time. New techniques get introduced as technology advances and the nail art designs are becoming spectacular than ever. The latest nail art designs for girls takes their core idea from different brands, logos, celebrity favorites and takes the art from whatever warmth is in the air.

1. Traditional Black and White

Black and White NailYou can try the traditional black and white in stripes form which takes the impression from the COCO Chanel monochrome design.

2. Yellow and Orange

Yellow and Orange Nail ArtYellow and orange are always a good combination and horizontal curves in these shades can create an amazing ice lolly effect.
How about some fiery effect on your nails which just expels radiance? Red, orange and yellow can be perfectly blended to produce fire on your finger tips!

3. Hot Pink

Hot Pink Nail ArtGirls are always crazy about pink, so how about trying it with a matt finish using some detailing in silver and black! This is one of the favorite combinations of the nail art guru, Sophy Robson.

4. Nude Shades

Nude ShadesYou can go on to try some amazing designs using the black, white and nude shades. How you create it, it totally depends on the fact that how artistic you are!

5. Chic Leopard Printed Designs

Leopard Printed DesignsChic leopard printed designs are too much in rage which can be amazingly created using a base color of your choice! All you need to do is to use a vibrant base color, and the good news is you can use different shades as base colors! Just top it with some brown or black spots and your leopard printed nails are all ready to accompany your attire!

6. Time to Do Some Artistry Attempt

Artistry Nail ArtHow about a totally different look of your hands while practicing nail art? Apply a simple nail paint over four fingers and do some artistry with the one that’s left out. Remember the nail art must be in contrast with the main shade and you will have a simple yet fantabulous look!

7. Vertical Stripes

Vertical StripesYou can also create vertical stripes while also creating an alternate between art and simple color. Choose the colors you want and your nails will Conclusion: complement your personality! There are hundreds and thousands of designs which can be simply designed by just using the artistic side of your brain. Just remember to choose the colors that best suit you and the theme of your dress!

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