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Match your Shoes with your Bags

Match your Shoes with your Bags

Matching the color of your shoes with your hand bag used to be hard and fast rule. It is kind of like matching your lipstick with your nail polish. As fashion scene change day by day, it is perfectly acceptable these days to wear shoes and carry a hand bag that compliment each other rather than match exactly.

Hand bags and shoes are those fashion accessories which should be properly match with your whole attire and body shape. They are the personality statement of a woman.

Matching the color of your shoes with your hand bags used to be a hard and fast rule, it is like matching your lipstick with your nail polish. However, things have changed and it has become perfectly acceptable to wear shoes and carry a hand bag that compliment each other (by either being in the same color family- e.g., beige and brown, or complimenting each other on the color wheel- e.g. turquoise and pinks).

Matching shoes and hand bags creates a polished and a put together look, especially if shoes and hand bag color match exactly. Try stretching your comfort limit by going for shoes and hand bag in different nuances to create a great style impact.

How ever, mismatching your shoes and hand bag creates a unique and fun fashion statement, and it also adds more personality to your outfit. It is also one of the best styling tricks to highlight a pair of killer shoes or a trendy, new hand bag.

Deciding what bad to go with your shoes can be tricky often. Some women buy only one purse and wear it with everything. Others collect a wide variety of bags and purses and change them round all the time. It all depends on your needs, budget and lifestyle. But in general your purse/bag needs to be of high quality and the size should fit to your style and personality.

I remember there was a time when matching your hand bag with your shoes was a no-brainer stylish thing to do. but for now, with every new pair of shoes, a matching hand bag is a type of fashion/style that would get pretty expensive. That’s why; the fashion gurus now say the opposite. Fashion experts are now saying that matching your purse with your shoes is become some how unstylish. Any how, if you want to keep up to date with the new trends on matching your hand bag with your shoes, follow these simple tips.

  • Play with mixing colors, but keep one color neutral.
  • If you have gray shoes, you can have fun with a colorful bag. This look is more for work because of the stiffer, dressier bag. The slouchy bag in front with the gladiator sandals is better for a casual look because they are both less formal.
  • Don’t carry a stiff purse with a casual outfit. if you like to wear casual or soft flowing clothes, your hand bag should match the look.
  • Casual shoes can work with a formal purse.
  • The formal style bag also works with flat stylish sandals.
  • It is true that natural colors go well with any other color. For example, beige, gray, black, white and brown in the adequate shades can match with any colors of the rainbow. Also try matching a golden hand bag with a pair of black shoes.
  • Coordinate with the hard ware. It will be easier to make choices and you will feel more pulled together if you keep your shoes, jewellery and hand bag hardware all the same finish. For e.g.- silver jewellery, silver buckles on shoes and a silver zipper on purse.
  • You can also match tones and textures in some way. you can be more persuasive in what you say if you look more coordinated. It makes you less threatening some how.
  • With neutral colored bags like brown, navy, black, beige, cream etc, your shoes might be gold, silver, black, pewter, black, brown, beige, navy or a color that picks up on some thing in your scar, top, necklace etc.
  • You can wear shoes that either coordinate with the hard ware, or are in the same color family, or are on the opposite spectrum( a purple bag with yellow shoes looks fabulous, especially if you have an accessory that ties the two colors in together some where in your outfit.
  • You can also carry colored bag with neutral outfits. If you have a chance to attend a formal party where every one is wearing a black gown and carrying a black clutch. I suggest you to go for black gown with a soft pink clutch and it will really stood out without being flashy.
  • You can also try a red bag with black shoes and black attire to look gorgeous.
  • The final tip to this new matching trend is to have fun!
  • Be creative and play around with the neutrals and colorful colors.

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