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Designer Shoes Low down

Designer Shoes Low down

Splurge this season and invest in heel shoes you’ll want to dance the night away in.

Whoever said eyes are the windows to your soul, should have also added that to us girls, shoes ARE our souls. From designer shoes and heel shoes or casual shoes they all matter and they all have a part to play in our overall wardrobes. Sometimes we choose the shoes we want to wear before the actual outfit! Let’s take a look at some designer shoes this time around.

Designer Shoes:

Take me to Jimmy Choo and leave me there forever! This season Jimmy Choo heel shoes are literally to die for. I fell in love with at least five pairs this time around and if you have no budget then hop down to your nearest retailer and pick up the stunning heel shoes in a champagne colour with teeny tiny jewels encrusted on them. In peep toes and closed heel shoes, these women’s shoes are worth killing for!

If colour is what you’re after, then Manolo Blahniks are for you. I don’t know whether it’s the whole “Sex and the City” vibe that engulfs me when I enter their stores, but there seems to be something magical about their heel shoes. Red shoes won’t come more beautiful and classic than the Manolo’s with the rectangular brooch on the tip. Remember the heel shoes Big puts on Carries foot at the end (in blue)?

Well it’s the same women’s shoe but in red satin. So perfect!

Don’t take too long to snap up your designer shoes this season because they are flying off the shelves!

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